Who Lives Where? by Stephanie Babin


Our next book has sliding pictures so that we can guess. It’s like a book of riddles. Let’s see if you can help me find out the answer to some of the riddles.

Let’s look at the page that says In the Garden. Here is a picture of a bee. What sound does a bee make? [They respond.] Buzz buzz. Great! and where does a bee live? [They respond.] Yes! in a bee hive. [Slide the tab to show the bee hive.]

[As you talk about each animal, add some information about where they live.]

Early Literacy Tip—Example Tip—Background Knowledge—Content Knowledge: When we talk with children about factual information, adding to what they already know, we build their background knowledge about the world. The more they understand about the world around them, the easier it will be for them to later understand what they read.


Early Literacy Tip—Example Tip—Print Motivation: When we involve children in a book by asking them to share what they know, they will enjoy the booksharing experience. This helps them be interested in books and later learning to read.