Hooray for Hat by Brian Won

Introduction: Our next book is called Hooray for Hat by Brian Won. In this book each of the animals is grumpy until they get a wonderful hat. This book has a lot of repetition so I would like you to help tell the story with me. In fact, you might notice there is a pattern to what is happening. First an animal is grumpy, then Elephant gives the grumpy animal a hat, and the animal smiles and they cheer "Hooray for hat!" So, I would like you to say with me "hooray for hat." You'll know when it is coming because it will be after the animal smiles and then they cheer. Let's practice saying "Hooray for hat."  Very good. Ok, here comes the story.
[Read the book, pausing for them to say "Hooray for hat."]
Early Learning Aside--Example: Adults, when I started this book, I pointed out that there is a pattern the children can follow to help them know what comes next, so they would know when to say Hooray for hat. When we point out patterns we notice, or help our children notice patterns, we are helping them develop one of the math skills--geometry and patterns--which will later make it easier for them to understand math concepts.