Super Duper 1, 2, 3

 Super Duper 1, 2, 3 Can you say this word (or name) with me? [volcano--or word/name of your choice] Say it  (You say it) [Children/adults repeat the word with you] Clap it  (You clap it) (Say it again and clap it) [Children/adults clap the word with you, one clap per syllable] Snap it [snap fingers] (Say it again and snap it) [Children/adults snap fingers together with you, one snap per syllable] Tap it [tap with foot or tap knees] (Say it again and tap) [Children/adults tap feet (or knees) with you, one tap per syllable] Early Literacy Aside–Example: You can do this little song with any word! Dividing words into sound parts, into syllables, helps children hear the smaller sounds in words, one part of phonological awareness, the ability to hear the smaller sounds in words.