Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill

Early Literacy Aside--Explain: One thing you can pass on to your children is an enjoyment of books. Children who enter school enjoying books and reading are more likely to stick with learning to read even if it is difficult. For over half our children, learning to read in school is difficult. I know we have a lot of book-lovers here. In today's storytime, I'll point out some ways to keep your children's attention and keep the booksharing time enjoyable.Book Introduction: I show the cover of the book Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill and flip through the pages to show my love of a few descriptive illustrations, especially facial expressions that show feelings like”mad and scared. Early Literacy Aside--Example: Read with your child in a comfortable setting so you may share and talk about the book, including what the pictures are saying. When you take time to talk with your child and listen to what your chld says about the pictures, you are helping to make an enjoyable time with the book, which helps print motivation.

 Submitted by Carolyn Lewis, Pamunkey (VA) Regional Library