Pouch by David Stein

Introduce the book: Our next book is Pouch by David Stein. Mother kangaroos carry their babies in a pouch, like a little pocket in front of their stomachs. This baby kangaroo called a Joey is exploring the world and sometimes wants to feel safe in his pouch. Then he yells, "pouch". Can you say that with me? Pouch! Good, try again. Pouch! Each time we come to the word pouch, you say it with me.
Read the book, pointing to the word pouch as you say it.
Early Literacy Aside--Example (for Print Awareness): The word pouch is written in bold letters which makes it easy to point out as your child says the word. Pointing to the word helps them understand that you are reading the text, the written word. This helps develop print awareness, knowing that print has meaning, one of the early literacy skills.
Early Literacy Aside--Example (for Print Motivation): By having your child participate in the story by saying "pouch" each time, you are helping to keep your child engaged in the story in an enjoyable way. This helps to develop print motivation, your child's interest and enjoyment of books and reading. Print motivation is one of the six early literacy skills, the one that later keeps children trying to learn to read even when it can be difficult.

Choose only one skill to highlight (to say the aside).