Ten Little Campers Fingerplay

Fingerplay: Ten Little CampersTen little campers putting up their tent. (Put finger tips of fingers together forming tent roof) Ten little campers close the vents. (Intertwine fingers together to signify closure) Ten little campers make a ring. (Form circle putting tips of fingers together and thumbs together) Ten little campers start to sing. (Cup hands to mouth) Ten little campers around the fire. (Form circle putting tips of fingers together again) Ten little campers dance till they tire. (Put all ten fingers up in the air and dance them around) Ten little campers say good-night. (Wave good-night with both hands) Ten little campers close their tent up tight. (Intertwine fingers together again to signify closure) Early Literacy Aside--Example: Rhymes are fun to sing and say with your child. Because they rhyme, they also help children develop phonological awareness, an important skill for later reading when they try to sound out words.

Submitted by Beth Grai, Independence (MI) Township Library