Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett

Early Literacy Aside--Example: When you choose books for your children, they like the ones that have pictures of things that are familiar to them.  So, here is one with a picture of an apple.  You can talk about the apple in the picture, its color, its shape.  Then get a real apple and show it to your child.  Talk about how it tastes--sweet, how it feels--round and smooth, the sound it makes when you bite it--CRUNCH!By showing your child the real object, you are helping them realize that pictures represent real things.  Later they will also understand that printed words represent real things as well.  This develops print awareness. I'll read this story to you once, then we'll use the flannel board to tell it again! Read Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett

Re-tell the story using flannel pieces with the children telling the story as you put the pieces on the board.  As the whole story has four words the children learn it quickly.  This book can also be used to demonstrate narrative skills.

Submitted by Leslee Farish Kuykendal, Chicago Public Library