Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Went Bumblebee by Colin West

 Early Literacy Aside--Explain: Narrative skills can be developed by having your children tell stories. This is easier for some children when they recognize patterns so that they can predict what will happen next.Early Literacy Aside--Example: As we read the book we want to encourage our children to recognize the pattern and to repeat "buzz, buzz, buzz" and "buzz off." Read Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Went Bumble-bee by Colin West Fingerplay: Here is the Beehive Here is the beehive. Where are the bees?  (Hold up fist.) Hidden away where nobody sees. (Move other hand around fist.) Watch and you see them come out of the hive. (Bend head close to fist.) One, two, three, four, five. (Hold fingers up one at a time.) Bzzzzzzzz all fly away! (Wave fingers.) Early Literacy Aside--Empower:  Children enjoy repeating phrases as they did in our book and song. Please help your children look for patterns in the books and songs you do at home. This helps foster your children's narrative skills which will later help them understand how stories work and will help them understand what they read.