Dog Blue by Polly Dunbar

Early Literacy Aside--Explain:  Narrative skills includes the ability to retell stories. This is one of the early literacy skills that researchers have noted are important so that your children will later understand what they read.Read Dog Blue by Polly Dunbar. Early Literacy Aside--Example: Acting out stories or part so them helps children internalize the story and remember it. It will make it easier for your children to retell the story and understand it. They also learn the structure of story--how stories work with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Act out the story. Early Literacy Aside--Empower: Children enjoy talking about books you have read together. It is a good way to engage them in conversation, and also helps them remember the story they have read. The ability to retell a story is an important skill to learn before going to school. It helps them understand how stories work and to understand what they will read.

Submitted by participants of Saskatchewan Library Association Conference