Each of the following day-long trainings addresses different implementations of sharing early literacy information with parents and caregivers. The participants are library staff and/or partners serving children newborn to five year olds and their parents and caregivers. The idea is to help staff recognize what they already know and are doing that supports early literacy, to gain confidence in sharing information and activities with adults, and to be a catalyst for new ideas and renewed enthusiasm for what we do.  Trainings are customized to the needs of your participants.

  1. Supercharging Your Storytimes: Interactivity, Intentionality and Community of Practice Making a Difference in Children’s Early Literacy Learning

  2. STAR POWER™ Sing Talk And Read Play On and Write for Easier Reading™--Putting Every Child Ready to Read®2 Parent Workshops into Practice

  3. Storytimes for Everyone! Adults as Partners in Developing Language and Literacy in Young Children.

  4. Science and Math for Everyone! Exploring Science and Math Concepts Through Storytimes.

  5. STEP into Storytime: StoryTime Effective Practice for Mixed-Age (newborn to age 5) Storytimes.


$2,100 per day ($2,400 for California) plus airfare, hotel, meals, ground transportation from Newfoundland, Pennsylvania (airport is
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton AVP), $40 per diem, baggage fee if applicable, and non-resident income tax if withheld
[Fees for workshops held in January 2020 and later will be $2,500 per day ($2,800 per day for California and other jurisdictions that withhold income tax)]

Cancellation Policy

  • Trainings cancelled within one calendar month notice will be billed in full including any applicable travel expenses.

  • Trainings cancelled in advance of one calendar month will be billed for any incurred travel expenses.

  • Workshop fees for cancellation of trainings due to severely inclement weather may be waived on the condition that the training is rescheduled; host is responsible for any incurred travel expenses.



Saroj offers several online classes through Library Juice Academy. Library Juice Academy offers an Early Childhood Literacy certificate program.  The certificate requires you to choose 6 classes out of 10 offerings. Individual or organizations can purchase a group of spaces for a discount. The classes can be taken individually, without taking the whole certificate program. Printable brochure on certificate program
If you would like any of these classes for your own group, please contact Saroj at
The classes Saroj teaches:


Self-Paced Course (Free)

Sign into Webjunction, then search for Supercharged Storytimes
There are six modules with presentations, forums, and an on-line guide which you can do at your own pace, individually, or with a group of colleagues you gather.