Adults as Partners in Developing Language and Literacy in Young Children


Monday, March 23, 2015  9:00 am - 5:00 pm at Bloor Gladstone Library  (I will have access to training room by 8:00 am)
Tuesday, March 24, 2015  9:00 am - 5:00 pm at Northern District Library (I will have access to training room by 8:00 am)


Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks)


Enhance your storytimes by incorporating information for parents/caregivers into them. Includes overview of early literacy components including examples of the development from newborn to five-year-olds, the five practices (sing, talk, read, write, play), and techniques for planning storytimes that reach adults and children and specific ideas for doing so. How does addressing caregivers change your storytimes? How can your early literacy enhanced storytimes become a catalyst for change in your community? Hands-on practice developing a literacy-enhanced storytime by building on what they already do in storytimes

Participant Limit: 50


Bring with you the following: 1. Storytime Plan written out (can be hand written) 2. Bring the books and words to songs/rhymes from storytime.
Participants who do not present storytimes: Please bring one picture book that you enjoy and would use with a child any age between 2 – 5 years old. 
NO ONE will be put on the spot to present a storytime!


Please copy each of the following items for each participant. They are in the order in which I will refer to them in the training.

Files included in packet:

  1. Powerpoint handout  emailed to you, 2 sided, black and white ok
  2. Materials Mentioned
  3. Overview of Early Literacy
  4. Early Literacy Component Summary
  5. Talking with Young Children black and white ok
  6. Dialogic Reading Bookmark  may copy two-sided and cut in half (one-half per person)
  7. Five Practices and Early Literacy Components Support Each Other  prefer coloured paper
  8. Explain Asides
  9. Storytime Plan: Big and Small
  10. Storytime Handout: Something from Nothing
  11. Practices and Components Storytime Worksheet Example
  12. Practices and Components Storytime Worksheet--on coloured paper, if possible
  13. What Will I Say? prefer coloured paper
  14. What Can I Say?
  15. Tools for Storytime Observation/Evaluation Optional
  16. Storytime with Added Practices PLEASE HOLD IN SEPARATE PILE FOR ME