Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks)


Planning and presenting storytimes for babies and toddlers. Incorporates early literacy information for newborn to two-year-olds. Demonstration of storytime, including rhymes, songs, books, and activities. Time to share ideas and try it out yourselves. This workshop is tailored to the needs of the group.

Participant Limit: 50


Please bring the following: 1.One stuffed animal or doll as their baby  2. Words to a rhyme, song or fingerplay for  children age between newborn and 18 months, 3. One book for child anywhere between newborn and 18 months that you would use in a storytime. No one will be asked to present in front of the group.

Click the button below for Planner's Checklist to prepare for the training. Thank you.


A Powerpoint presentation in 3-to-a-page note-taking format will be provided by email (black & white, 2 sided ok; stapled). You may download the entire materials packet, or select the individual files you need below. Workshop materials are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the materials. Visit Adobe to download this free software.

There are two types of handouts--one to be handed out (preferably in folders) as they enter. Another set will be held out separately for me to distribute at appropriate times during the training.

Files included in packet:

  1. Powerpoint handout (will be emailed) two-sided, black and white ok
  2. Resource List
  3. Child Developmental and Storytimes (2 sided ok)
  4. Storytime Structure
  5. Early Literacy Component Summary
  6. What Can I Say?

Handouts to copy and hold out in separate piles.
Storytime Demonstration Handout (2 sided ok)