Sing Talk And Read Play On and Write for Easier Reading™--Putting Every Child Ready to Read® 2nd ed into Practice.


Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks) 


Saturday, March 28, 2015:  9:00 am - 4:30 pm Chavez Central Library

Overview of the early literacy components, the five practices (sing, talk, read, write and play) and eight modules in ECRR 2nd edition. Designed to give participants the skills necessary to be able to present early literacy workshops for parents and caregivers. Demonstration of centerpiece adult workshop. The parent and child workshops (Fun with Letters, Fun with Words, Fun with Science and Math, Fun with Parent and Child) will be reviewed with hands-on practice included. 

Participant Limit: 50

Purchase of at least one copy of ECRR2 kit required.


Each participant brings one picture book that has a story for any age between 2 - 5 years old.


Please copy each of the following items for each participant. They are in the order in which I will refer to them in the training.

  1. Powerpoint handout  will be emailed to you, 2 sided, black and white ok
  2. Materials Mentioned
  3. Overview of Early Literacy
  4. Early Literacy Component Summary
  5. Talking with Young Children black and white ok
  6. Connecting Books and Early Literacy Components Worksheet--prefer colored paper
  7. Sharing Books with Young Children  two-sided, folded
  8. Five Practices and Early Literacy Components Support Each Other  prefer colored paper
  9. Getting Ready to Read at Home
  10. Common Introduction
  11. Little Red Hen handout
  12. Letter Day Game
  13. Everything Has a Shape (Fun with Words Shape Song)

Hold in separate piles: Copy in black and white, two-sided ok, stapled. Copy numbers specified in Planner's Checklist. These documents will be emailed to you.

  1. Fun with Words
  2. Fun with Letters
  3. Fun for Parent and Child
  4. Fun with Science and Math