StoryTime Effective Practice for Mixed-Age (Newborn to Age 5) Storytimes


Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks)


The whys and hows of planning and presenting storytimes targeted for newborn to five-year-olds and their parents/caregivers. Includes information on child development, demonstration of storytime models, examples of how to present books/activities in different ways to meet the needs of the wide age range of children, and ways to share early literacy information as part of storytime. Hands-on practice and idea sharing bring it all to life.

Participant Limit: 50


Bring the following:
1.  Words to an action rhyme/fingerplay or action song.
2.  Book that works well for more than one age-group (0-18 months, 18 - 35 months, 3 - 5 years)

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A Powerpoint presentation in 3-to-a-page note-taking format will be provided by email (black & white, 2 sided ok; stapled). Workshop materials are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the materials. Visit Adobe to download this free software.

There are two types of handouts--one to be handed out (preferably in folders) as they enter. Another set will be held out separately for me to distribute at appropriate times during the training.

  1. Powerpoint handout (to be emailed) two-sided, black and white ok

  2. Materials Mentioned

  3. Stages and Storytimes Part 1 (2 sided ok) Word PDF

  4. Storytime Item Worksheet (colored paper preferred)

  5. Mixed-Age Storytime Demonstration (2 sided ok)

  6. Too Much Noise Handout (2 sided ok)

  7. Early Literacy and You: An Overview

  8. Developmental Progression of Skills (2 sided ok)

  9. Early Literacy Asides and Parent Tips (2 sided ok)

  10. Mixed-Age Storytime Planning Worksheet

  11. Stages and Storytimes Part 2 (2 sided ok) Word PDF (copy and hold this out in a separate pile for Saroj)