Sing Talk And Read Play On and Write for Easier Reading™--Putting Every Child Ready to Read® 2 Parent Workshops into Practice.


Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks) 


Ready, set, go!  Come away feeling confident offering early literacy workshops for parents and caregivers, based on the modules offered in the second edition of Every Child Ready to Read. Background information on the early literacy components and the five practices (sing, talk, read, write and play), demonstration of the adult early literacy workshop, and hands-on practice with parent-child workshops, Fun with Letters, Fun with Words, Fun with Science and Math, Fun with Parent and Child) combine to give you the information you need and the opportunity to make these workshops your own.


Participant Limit: 50

Purchase of at least one copy of ECRR2 kit by host library is required.


Each participant brings one picture book that has a story for any age between 2 - 5 years old.

Click the button below for Planner's Checklist to prepare for the training. Thank you.


A Powerpoint presentation in 3-to-a-page note-taking format will be provided by email  (b&w, 2 sided ok; stapled). These are the documents for handouts for each participant. Workshop materials are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the materials. Visit Adobe to download this free software.

  1. Powerpoint handout (to be sent by email) 2 sided, black and white ok
  2. Materials Mentioned
  3. Parent Workshop Script (to be sent by email) 2 sided, black and white ok
  4. Book Picture Walk    Word | pdf
  5. Getting Ready to Read at Home
  6. Early Literacy Centers/Stations Worksheet
  7. Overview of Early Literacy
  8. Homonyms
  9. Connecting Books and Early Literacy Components Worksheet on colored paper if possible
  10. Early Literacy Components Summary (optional)
  11. Five Practices and Early Literacy Components Support Each Other   Word | pdf
  12. Common Introduction
  13. Fun with Science and Math for Parent and Child Workshop script (to be sent by email) 2 sided, black and white ok
  14. Little Red Hen handout
  15. Everything Has a Shape (Fun with Words Shape Song)
  16. Letter Day Game 
  17. Workshop for Early Childhood Educators
  18. Elevator Speech  2-sided black and white ok
  19. Evaluation Form (optional)
    The following 3 handouts will be emailed to you. Copy in black and white in the numbers specified in Planner's Checklist.
    Do NOT put in folders. Thank you.
  20.  Fun for Parent and Child script
  21. Fun with Words script
  22. Fun with Letters script

To purchase Every Child Ready to Read items from American Library Association: (You must have 1 copy of the first item, all others are optional.)
Every Child Ready to Read, 2nd edition Kit
Every Child Ready to Read Brochure Pack
Every Child Ready to Read Toolkit for Serving Early Childhood Educators (digital download only)
Every Child Ready to Read Toolkit for Spanish-Speaking Communities (digital download only)
Every Child Ready to Read Brochure Pack in Spanish