Exploring Science and Math Concepts Through Storytimes


Full day (6 content hours, 7.5 hours including lunch/breaks)


How do these concepts support STEM education? How do they support early literacy? How do they support common core and early learning standards? How can our traditional storytimes support these concepts? And . . . how can we help adults incorporate them into daily conversations and activities with their young children? Gain an understanding of scientific and mathematical thinking from newborn to age five and build on traditional storytimes to explore strategies and techniques to support science, math and early literacy. 

Participant Limit: 50


Please bring a written storytime plan and the books you use. The storytime should be a traditional storytime, not one with a science or math theme/topic. If you do not do storytimes, please bring two books that preschoolers would enjoy.

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A Powerpoint presentation in 3-to-a-page note-taking format will be provided by email (black & white, 2 sided ok; stapled).  Workshop materials are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the materials. Visit Adobe to download this free software.
Each handout may be copied in black & white, two sided.

  1. Powerpoint handout (to be sent by email) two-sided, black and white ok

  2. Materials Mentioned

  3. Growth Mindset

  4. Science and Math Construct

  5. Questioning Techniques—Bloom’s Taxonomy

  6. Science and Math Concepts—Knowledge/Content Worksheet

  7. Vocabulary for Science and Math Concepts

  8. Science and Math Concepts—Process Thinking/Communication Worksheet

  9. What Can I Say? A Sampling of Science and Math Early Learning Tips

  10. Parent Handout—Science Concepts (may be copied two-sided and cut in half, 2 handouts per sheet)

  11. Parent Handout—Math Concepts (may be copied two-sided and cut in half, 2 handouts per sheet)

  12. What Will I Say? (prefer colored paper)

  13. Sample Storytime: Getting Dressed

  14. Storytime Planning: Science and Math in Your Storytime

  15. Overview of Early Literacy (Optional)

The following handouts are available for you to customize for parents and caregivers:
The first two are the same as the handouts #10 and #11 above. I have provided Word (so you can customize) and PDF because sometimes the Word document comes out askew so the PDF will give you an idea of how a handout can look.
     Math Handout for Parents/Caregivers   Word  PDF
     Science Handout for Parents/Caregivers   Word  PDF
     Science and Math Concepts for Parents/Caregivers   Word   PDF