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Early Childhood Literacy Consultant

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On the Every Child Ready to Read® website you can order materials and get an overview of the program.

For some information on the content of ECRR2 and some of my thoughts from presenting trainings, click here.

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Some aids you may find helpful:
Book Picture Walk and Shared Reading Bookmark You can copy back-to-back and cut in half.

Compare Dialogic Reading and Book Picture Walk You can copy back-to-back and cut in half.

Brochure with Dialogic Reading, Book Picture Walk, and Shared Reading

Public Service Announcements for Sing, Talk, Read, Write, and Play--Calgary Public Library to obtain copies

Early Literacy Tree Poster Library of Virginia
apple blossom (MSWord) I tape the apple blossom to at the end of the branch of the early literacy component I am highlighting.

Overview of Early Literacy Library of Virginia with poster pdf only

Early Literacy Components Summary
The Five Practices And The Early Literacy Components Support Each Other Word pdf
Picture Walk/Shared Reading Handout Word pdf

Every Child Ready to Read brochure in Spanish from ALA Store

Brain Development Slides used in ECRR1 (can be added to ECRR2)

Fun with Science and Math Parent-Child Workshop Aids
Scientific Inquiry handout with ice experiement
Note card format

Video by Gail Borden Public Library, Elgin, IL summarizing the five practices for parents/caregivers

Crosswalk ECRR2 and Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework Ages 3-5 (2010)

Crosswalk ECRR2 and Early Head Start Programs (2007)

ECRR2 and Early Learning Standards (North Carolina) Word pdf
A chart showing the five practices in terms of one state's Early Learning Standards. By developing a similar document for your own state's early learning standards, for infant/toddler standards, and for Head Start Child Outcomes, you can share this document with early childhood educators as an introduction to ECRR. You can use it to describe your trainings for child care providers or to describe trainings to offer their parents. It can also be used as a tool for library staff to become familiar with the state standards and how they relate to the five practices (and the underlying early literacy components).
ECRR1 compared with DC Infant/Toddler Standards, Pre-K Language and Literacy Standards, and Head Start Child Outcomes Word pdf

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