Saroj Ghoting
Early Childhood Literacy Consultant

Early Literacy Storytimes @ your library: Partnering with Caregivers for Success

Saroj is co-author of two books from ALA Editions:early lit kit

The Early Literacy Kit: A Handbook and Tip Cards

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This innovative and practical kit, put together by two well-known specialists in the field of early literacy, contains everything storytime presenters for children from birth to age five and their parents or caregivers need to spread the word about school readiness skills to adult caregivers. Tips to parents/caregivers cover seven school readiness domains: physical development, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, language and literacy, cognition and general knowledge, mathematical and scientific thinking, and the arts.
The kit includes
•An accessible handbook with a resource section
•104 reusable tip cards with coordinated activities
•A concise summary of important early literacy research

Ideal for program planners, this convenient resource will help you teach caregivers the developing standards by which school readiness can be achieved.

book coverEarly Literacy Storytimes @ your library: Partnering with Caregivers for Success

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What readers are saying about Early Literacy Storytimes @ your library:

Your book is THE resource for librarians that are working toward incorporating early literacy information into children's programs. It is the one tool that does it all--explains early literacy rational, provides research-based information, and suggests hundreds of ways to communicate palatable bits of information to caregivers/parents. I love the book.

We developed a peer coaching method for staff to support one another as storytime presenters. We used the book for our study group sessions with lead coaches. It has been instrumental in helping both experienced and new storytime presenters understand the concept and the importance of incorporating early literacy skills into storytimes. --Dorothy


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